Imam Ali Ibne Abi Talib (AS)



Name: – Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)

Title: – Al-Murtatha(as)

Kunyat: – Abul Hassan(as)

Conceived: – On Friday thirteenth Rajab, in The Sacred Kaba in Mecca, Arabia.

Father: – Abu Taleb, The Group Head of the Bani Hashim(as)

Mother: – Fatimah Bint Al-Assad(as)

Spouse : – The Woman Fatimah Al-Zahra(as) The Prophet’s(pbuh&hf) girl.

Youngsters :

Imam Hassan (as) – second blessed Imam(as)

Imam Hussain (as) – third blessed Imam(as)

Hazrat Zainab (as) – Heroin of Karbala

Umm Al-Kaltum (as)

Mohsen (as) – still conceived

Date of death: – On 21st Ramadan, 40 AH. – at 63 years old years old,

Reason for death: – Assinated in the Mosque of Kufa., Iraq.

Covered: – He was covered covertly in Najaf, Iraq

Dua Kumail A significant petition of supplication given by the Imam Ali(as)

Picture Exhibition of the Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as)

The Main Reliable Sacred Imam Ali(as)

He is the child of the Tribe Boss Abu Taleb(as) of the group of Bani Hashim and his better half Fatimah Bint Al-Assad(as).

He’s the nephew and the child in-law of The Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf).

He was the assigned as the Calipha or the Primary Real Successor of The Sacred Prophet(pbuh&hf) and the Pioneer of all humanity and he is the blessed Dad of all the Eleven Trustworthy heavenly Imams(as) after him.

The Imam Ali Ibin Abe Taleb(as) was the main individual to have the respect gave to him of being conceived in The Holy Sacred Kaba in Mecca on friday, thirteenth day of the long stretch of Rajab, 600AD. Thirty years after the time of the Elephant in 570 Promotion.

No one preceding him or after him has ever had the respect gave to him by Allah(swt), to be conceived in The Place of God, The Most High, in this manner his situation in Islam is being noble in its all enormity.

He was lethally injured by the blow from a poisionous sword upon his head, by an assasin Abdurrahman Ibin Al-Muljim on Friday, nineteenth. of the Month Ramadan in the incomparable Mosque of Kufa, while the Imam(as) was driving the early morning supplications.

Three days last at the age of sixty three he kicked the bucket in his home of his deadly head wound.

His body was set up for internment by his two heavenly children Imam Hassan(as) and Imam Hussain(as) and was secrectly covered, as unequivocally willed by him, in an umarked grave, at Najaf, in southern Iraq, where his Sacrosanct Hallowed place stands now.

HIS Phenomenal Properties ARE OF An Extraordinary NUMBER

He was raised and educated by The Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) himself.

He was the first to turn into a Muslim.

He never loved any sort of agnostic symbols or different divine beings.

He was the most nearest, steadfast and the most faithful to The Prophet(pbuh&hf), of every one of his Colleagues.

Under his banner of Authority, triumph was constantly guaranteed.

He never walked out on the foe.

His mental fortitude was great and best in class.

As an Appointed authority he got this commendation from The Heavenly Prophet(pbuh&hf),

“Ali is the best appointed authority, among every one of you.”

About his tremendous information The Prophet(pbuh&hf) had stated,

” I am the city of information and Ali is it’s door!”

In Imam Ali’s(as) connection to Reality The Prophet(pbuh&hf) had stated,

“Ali is with Reality, and Truth is with Ali.”

He was simply in his dealings with all the individuals.

He treated all the individuals similarly.

He never entertained himself with the common materials and it’s extravagances.

He would enter the Bayt Al-Mal (Open Treasury) and would take a gander at the gold and silver with aloofness and address it by saying,

“White and yellow pulls in the individuals, yet not me!”

White importance silver and yellow significance gold

He would then disperse them among the destitute.

He would treat the down and out with benevolence and would at each chance to sit with poor people and destitute and would hurry to help any individual out of luck.

He would stand up for reality and issue his announcements based on equity.

He could never pacify anybody and bargain or undermine equity, genuineness and reality.

He could never bolstered any individual’s narrow minded enthusiasm over the enthusiasm of Islam and human equity.

In short he was particularly similar to The Heavenly Prophet(pbuh&hf) in upright traits and hence Allah(swt), The Most High, has considered him in the Blessed Koran as the Spirit of The Sacred Prophet Mohammad Al-Mustafa(pbuh&hf).

Caution Thy Family The Prophet(pbuh&hf) welcomes Ali(as) to help him in an errand, that God had instructed of him

Progression Ali(as) is unmistakably selected the Calipha to succeed The Prophet(pbuh&hf)

Relocation The Prophet(pbuh&hf) ask Ali(as) to cover for him, by dozing in his bed, so he may get away from undetected

Nahj Al-Balagh, A fine assortment of Talks and Hadeeths of Ali(as)

His Adventures Depicts how Ali(as) attempted for Islam

Skirmish of the Camal Dissidents attempt to hold onto the Caliphate from Ali(as), by bringing an impressive power up in Basra, Iraq

Amir al-mu’minin Ali – upon whom be harmony – was the child of Abu Talib, the Shaykh of the Banu Hashim. Abu Talib was the uncle and watchman of the Blessed Prophet and the individual who had carried the Prophet to his home and raised him like his own child. After the Prophet was picked for his prophetic strategic, Talib kept on supporting him and repulsed from him the insidious that originated from the heathens among the Middle Easterners and particularly the Quraysh.

As indicated by notable customary records Ali was brought into the world ten years before the initiation of the prophetic crucial the Prophet. At the point when six years of age, because of starvation in and around Mecca, he was mentioned by the Prophet to go out and go to the place of his cousin, the Prophet. There he was put legitimately under the guardianship and authority of the Blessed Prophet.

A couple of years after the fact, when the Prophet was enriched with the Perfect endowment of prescience and just because got the Awesome disclosure in the cavern of Hira’, as he left the cavern to come back to town and his own home he met Ali in transit. He mentioned to him what had occurred and Ali acknowledged the new confidence. Again in a social affair when the Heavenly Prophet had united his family members and welcomed them to acknowledge his religion, he said the main individual to acknowledge his call would be his vicegerent and inheritor and representative. The main individual to ascend from his place and acknowledge the confidence was Ali and the Prophet acknowledged his assertion of confidence. Consequently Ali was the principal man in Islam to acknowledge the confidence and is the first among the devotees of the Prophet to have never venerated other than the One God.

Ali was consistently in the organization of the Prophet until the Prophet relocated from Mecca to Medina. The evening of the relocation to Medina (hijrah) when the heathens had encompassed the place of the Prophet and were resolved to attack the house toward the night’s end and sliced him to pieces while he was sleeping, Ali stayed in bed spot of the Prophet while the Prophet went out and set out for Medina. After the flight of the Prophet, as indicated by his desire Ali offered back to the individuals the trusts and charges that they had left with the Prophet. At that point he went to Medina with his mom, the girl of the Prophet, and two other ladies. In Medina likewise Ali was continually in the organization of the Prophet in private and out in the open. The Prophet gave Fatimah, his adored little girl from Khadijah, to Ali as his significant other and when the Prophet was making obligations of fellowship among his mates he chose Ali as his sibling.

Ali was available in all the wars in which the Prophet took an interest, aside from the skirmish of Tabuk when he was requested to remain in Medina instead of the Prophet. He didn’t withdraw in any fight nor did he dismiss his face from any adversary. He never defied the Prophet, with the goal that the Prophet stated, “Ali is never isolated from Reality nor Reality from Ali.”

Upon the arrival of the demise of the Prophet, Ali was thirty-three years of age. In spite of the fact that he was principal in strict excellencies and the most extraordinary among the allies of the Prophet, he was pushed beside the caliphate on the case that he was excessively youthful and that he had numerous foes among the individuals in light of the blood of the polytheists he had spilled in the wars battled close by the Prophet. Along these lines Ali was totally cut off from open issues. He withdrew to his home where he started to prepare skillful people in the Celestial sciences and right now passed the quarter century of the caliphate of the initial three caliphs who succeeded the Prophet. At the point when the third caliph was executed, individuals gave their loyalty to him and he was picked as caliph.

During his caliphate of about four years and nine months, Ali followed the method for the Prophet and gave his caliphate the type of a profound development and recharging and started various kinds of changes. Normally, these changes were against the interests of specific gatherings that looked for their own advantage. Thus, a gathering of the buddies (premier among whom were Talhah and Zubayr, who likewise picked up the help of A’ishah, and particularly Mu’awiayh) made an affection of the demise of the third caliph to bring their heads up in resistance and started to revolt and agitator against Ali.

So as to suppress the common conflict and rebellion, Ali battled a war close to Basra, known as the “Skirmish of the Camel,” against Talhah and Zubayr in which A’ishah, “the Mother of the Reliable,” was likewise included. He battled another war against Mu’awiyah on the fringe of Iraq and Syria which went on for 18 months and is celebrated as the “Clash of Siffin.” He likewise battled against the Khawarij at Nahrawan, in a fight known as the “Skirmish of Nahrawan.” In this manner, a large portion of the times of Ali’s caliphate were spent in defeating interior restriction. At last, in the first part of the day of the nineteenth of Ramadan in the year 40 A.H., while supplicating in the mosque of Kufa, he was injured by one of the Khawarij and kicked the bucket as a saint during the evening of the 21st.