15th Shaban Amaal – Night of baraat

The Holy Prophet (saw.) had said that in the night of 15th Shaban Amaal the Almighty takes decisions within the matters of sustenance, life and death and welfare of the people. Next to the “Night of Qadr” the night of 15th Sha’baan is that the most auspicious night (also referred to as “night of Baraat”). consistent with the Imams Muhammad bin Ali Al Baqir (as.) and Jaa’far bin Muhammad As Sadiq (as.) Allah SWT has promised to satisfy every legitimate desire that suggests to Him tonight. During tonight Allah (SWT) bestows on HIS people from HIS bounty & forgives them out of HIS grace & generosity. Of the blessings of tonight is that, at the dawn of tonight, was born the Leader of the Time Imam Mahdi (at) in Samarra -Iraq within the yr 255 AH.


Ahadith within the book Iqbalul A‘mal “Therefore, stay up tonight in prayer and worship and encourage your Ummah to also keep awake tonight so as to urge closer to Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) through their actions since this is often a noble night. this is often an evening during which not one person supplicates to Allah except that his prayers are accepted. Nobody asks for one thing on tonight except that it’ll tend to him. nobody asks Allah for forgiveness except that his sins are exhausted. nobody turns in repentance to Allah except that He accepts their repentance. Whoever is bereft of the goodness of tonight has definitely been bereft of something great.”


Almighty Allah has chosen tonight for the Ahl ul-Bayt, within the same way as He has chosen the Qadr Night for our Prophet(peace be upon him and his family.)


The first thing that Salik (the Wayfarer on the trail towards Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He) must perform on tonight is that he must remove the fabric pleasures and enjoyments of this world from ahead of his eyes (and from his heart) and so as to form the foremost of this special night and make sure that all of his actions are performed properly, he must think to himself that tonight is his last night on this Earth (meaning that tomorrow he shall die) and thus, he will not have the chance to perform any longer good deeds which tomorrow the Day of Judgment will happen.

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