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In most basic kidnapping cases, the perpetrators are motivated by ransom or concessions. The former head of the Australian Braoadcsting Corporation David Hill spoke at length of the abuse he suffered when he was a forced immigrant to Australia post WWII. Juni 2022; Beitrags-Kategorie: xrp fee calculator; Beitrags-Kommentare: . Anna and Alex had received poor care for their baby at a local hospital, and when the hospital wanted to do heart surgery on their infant, they wanted a second opinion and took the baby to a different hospital. A few years ago, statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put the number of women having difficulty conceiving at approximately 10 percentroughly 1 in 10. This agency receive referral from the Division of human services children services for exchange of favors , favors of the agencys workers statements on court records against parents, just like certain doctors and medical facilities slander families for a kick back of referral for service provided , along with future service contract. June 8, 2022; group homes for adults with mental disabilities; 24x48 polished porcelain tile . Jewish Family and Children's Services is the common denominator for each of these senior citizens who were seized by Adult Protective Services. Adult Medical Kidnapping in New York: 1950s Air Force Veteran Held Hostage in Hospital. Diplomats were sent to attend the hearing in Sacramento. Historically, deciding who are good parents and who deserves to keep custody of their children, has not been a function of the State. Commentary by Terri LaPoint Health Impact News Medical kidnapping can happen to adults as well as children. It is a result of overzealous enforcement of the child protection laws in states all over the U.S. including Michigan. Psych wards, now renamed Behavioral Health Units are prisons that hold innocent victims against their will. And the foster care system, where there are undoubtedly many fine people, can be turned over to private agencies where corruption due to massive federal funding can be eliminated. Done! Many reports have been published documenting how children who are wards of the State are taking many more prescription drugs than those living with their families. "Nationwide, guardians oversee an estimated 1.3 million adults and $50 billion of their assets, said Brenda Uekert, principal court research consultant at the National Center for State Courts." (someone in the classroom can be heard on the video actually saying Yes it is.). This story came to our attention only because local media in Sacramento picked it up, and it was highly publicized. That means that [the] number of adults under guardianship care is roughly 3 times the number of children in foster care across the United States. Our Anti Kidnap and Extortion Unit (AKEU) is a small specialist unit that works to secure the safe release of hostages and to deal covertly and professionally with any form of blackmail or extortion. So what if the child was removed unnecessarily? The victim, Taja Brown, a 34-year-old, was . Therefore,much of what we describe and document in this article can also be applied to State-sponsored kidnappings in general, and not just medical kidnapping. "Adult/elder protective services" is a money-making industry, which should set off nonstop warning bells to the . They want to warn others. Maryanne Godboldos story is told in the following video: This long protracted legal battle, which has resulted in the child being reunited with her mother and all charges against the mother dropped, would not have been possible without Attorney Allison Folmar. Rebecca Fierle has now resigned and faces criminal charges, but how many more like her are still out there? What follows is just a small portion of the medical kidnappings and forced medical poisonings of children happening across America. America's children are being kidnapped by the state every single day. Upon years of my reviewing and obtaining voluminous court documentation throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusettsparticularly, in my professional experience as an attorney, there is no doubt, whatsoever, that public officials have been operating a racketeering enterprise through the probate and family courts, feeding off our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly. Medical Kidnap and "Death by Hospice" Two Dirty little secrets nobody's willing to talk about Until now! On Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023, a panel of U.S. Food and Drug Administration advisers narrowly backed an experimental vaccine from Pfizer that could become the first shot to protect older adults against the RSV respiratory virus. Foster children suffer from drug abuse, sexual abuse, physical harm, and many other crimes at a much higher rate than children who are left with their biological parents. Every day heart-broken parents contact us looking for help, but very few are willing to go public with their stories. Their investigation revealed that nationwide, government guardians . If you are aware or suspicious of a kidnapping, you should report it to law enforcement immediately. I expect that one of the major drivers of the new behaviour of the child protection services is the need for them to procure more children for child abuse by those in the elites of government and industry. (Research and citation here.). Such kidnapping, he says, is a prosecutable crime. He was first taken away from his parents by the State of California on January 12, 2007 at age 17 when a teacher reported his parents to the Child Protective Services (CPS) because Nate was scratching himself on the arms. Little is known about the outcome of these arrangements, because states do not keep complete figures on guardianship casesstatutes vary widelyand, in most jurisdictions, the court records are sealed. can get more supporters from your own state to start your own group. For more information, see: There are other more terrible reasons why children are removed from parents and put into the foster care system, besides just the financial motivations. The kidnapping of adults is often for ransom or to force someone to withdraw money from an ATM, but may also be for sexual assault. This is just a sampling of the titles published on the corrupt CPS agency. The mother wasreportedly ordered to not discuss the case with anyone, and forced to take down YouTube videos and a Facebook Page with over 3000 followers that was documenting the actions of Child Protection Services and doctors at Phoenix Childrens Hospital. As a result, they seized custody of Isaiahand put him into a foster home in a rough neighborhood in Chicago, where he claims he was sexually abused. Ronnie Robinson, the head of this organization, pleaded guilty to health care fraud after scheming to defraud Medicaid of $3.4 million in fraudulent reimbursement payments from false claims. The state then places your son or daughter into foster care where you may not even be granted visitation rights. The Medical Kidnapping Business: Bilking Medicaid, Child Kidnapping and Trafficking: A Lucrative U.S. Business Funded by Taxpayers. As John P. Thomas has reported in his article,Are GMO Foods, Vaccines, and Big Pharma Producing an Infertile Generation?, fertility rates are plummeting: Add to this the growing list of states that are legalizing same-sexmarriages adding more couples unable to conceive children, and it is easy to see that the adoption business is growing due to increased demand. Hundreds of people showed up in Boise over the past few days to protest the kidnapping of this innocent child. . Adults have the right, both morally and legally, to make decisions about their medical care. The state agencies would cease to exist. I am very glad that the public and the media was outraged over the injustice of Baby Alfie in the U.K., so much so that there were demonstrations in the streets protesting medical tyranny and standing up for parental rights. They areassumed guilty by social services of something worthy of losing their children, usually with no formal charges filed in a court of law, and no trial by a jury of peers as is afforded by the Constitution of the United States of America. Read the original story here. Beitrags-Autor: Beitrag verffentlicht: 14. Make sure to drink extra fluids when you're not feeling well. TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - KOLD has uncovered more information about a violent fight at a Tucson school last year. While we published over 400 articles on the medical kidnapping issue in just the first year, we have good reason to believe that the family stories we have published represent but a mere fraction of the tragic stories currently happening all across America today. That is the legal process. Bret Bohn from Alaska was medically kidnapped for 8 months. The protesters, mostly adults, carried signs with messages such as "Honor Your Oath" and "Mother + Baby 24/7." Several children were also there. This is just one example of medical kidnapping by the U.S. government among many that often go unreported. Shortly after this, in April of 2014, the hospital took custody of both daughters away from the family through CPS. Interviews with lawyers, caseworkers, and others who work within the system, point out specific steps that should be taken to improve how these agencies work. Posts about Medical Kidnapping written by LostMessiah. Sometimes kidnappers hold their captives longer in order to demand more money from the victim's relatives or associates. The following information is needed, the childs Social security number, the parents social security number, the case number for the child support case as well as the Termination case id. Sometimes the parents are able to get their children back, but sometimes they do not, and the children are adopted out. Once the medical kidnapping occurs, the family is left to fight it out in Family Court to try to get their children back. Child abuse is a horrendous crime that cannot be tolerated. (See: Adults Medically Kidnapped: 3X More than Children in Foster Care - $50 BILLION in Assets Seized.) Typical reactions occur in: Thinking: Intrusive thoughts, denial, impaired memory, decreased concentration, being overcautious and aware, confusion, or fear of the event happening again. This is particularly true when neither the parents nor the children request or desire such action. So consider the scenario where a child has a rare genetic disease, and comes into a healthcare facility for treatment. Julius' story began long before Health Impact News was contacted about his plight in the fall of 2015. It is from theirDependency Video Seriestraining Family Court Judges on how to handle Dependency cases in family court. "Once they have you, you are better off going to the nearest liquor store and saying, 'Hey, I'm robbing you.' Thats down slightly from the previous low of 63.2 in 2011. Until we can get our website up and running, please join the KY group They do not believe that locking him away from his life and loved ones and drugging him are the answer. But if the child becomes a ward of the state, they can bill Medicaid for all medical costs, and current laws allow them to conduct medical trials on the child. 601K views 6 years ago Be. Stockholm syndrome is a proposed condition in which hostages develop a psychological bond with their captors. Glorified baby sitter at a higher rate. Glynn County Police Department Officers responded to a call about a fight on February 28, 2023, at 3702 Wylly Ave. GCPD reported that when officers arrived, everyone had already dispersed from the area. Most people would answer yes, there are certain situations where it is correct for the State to remove children from their parents, in situations where the children need to be protected. More than 30 years ago, throughout the United States, state governments created agencies known as elder protective services. A Government Accountability report from 2010 said, We could not locate a single Web site, federal agency, state or local entity, or any other organization that compiles comprehensive information on this issue. Nate was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 14. They are accused of having "mental illness" and confined to psych wards against their will. Filter. Linda Weston's niece was kidnapped and tortured for a decade. By Ben Kesslen. Since the father is a Russian national, this incident caused an international uproar. Shortly after, the Southeast Georgia Health System contacted GCPD regarding two stabbing victims. These so-called protective agencies are, in fact, wolves in sheeps clothing that I can attest to from not only my direct personal experiences, but also from years of research. Too often in our own investigative work here at Health Impact News, we find that the corporate-sponsored media is the mouth-piece of the medical system and government, rather than exposing its corruption. They want the public to know their story. Most of them had no where else to go, as they did not have the advantage of any local media picking up their story. You can contact us here to share your story: The Tseglin family would like the public to know their story of medical kidnapping happening in California. According to medical records obtained from St. Luke's Hospital, the baby was allegedly discharged on March 4th with a clean bill of health, according to the baby's grandfather. Of course not! 18 U.S. Code 1201 - Kidnapping. Kidnapping isn't limited only to the capture of someone for ransom; it also refers to the taking of a child by a parent or family member away from a custodial parent or guardian. BERLIN, Vt. (WCAX) - On Friday, January 13, 2022, the Berlin Police Department received reports of a suspicious event at the Berlin Mall, involving a possible kidnapping with a gun. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that professional guardian Rebecca Fierle has resigned after an investigation revealed that she had filed unauthorized do not resuscitate" orders on almost all of her senior patients, against the wishes of the patient and their families.

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