Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd represents the exclusive and independent opinion of massive majority of Muslims living all around the world and in the UK. Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd based on true Muslims ideology delivering the impeccable teaching of faith and belief on One Allah, his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and fourteen righteous successors until Imam Mehdi (A.S).
Ahlebait TV Network is a Multilingual and Multi-ethnic TV Channel Broadcasting 24 hours 7 Days a week in 250 countries all around the world.  Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd has been providing business opportunities to its potential viewers to advertise their products for greater turnover. Today it’s not difficult to reach to target audience because Ahlebait TV provides complete advice to its advertisers about products promotion, selling, target audience, profit/loss and best suitable time to launch advertisement campaign in the market etc. With the combination of TV Media and Broadcast Technology we can help to deliver what you want to deliver globally with the speed of light. It’s a great opportunity for advertisers to advertise their messages locally and globally to the millions of viewers around the world through Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd. Our Aim is your satisfaction which has been helping to maintain our reputation in the market for last couple of years. There are lot of benefits and questions which you might have in your mind but our friendly team would love to discuss what you want to know. So we do our best to provide first class service and quick response to solve your problem. We guarantee to everyone that you will get professional help from our marketing expects and financial adviser whether you want to advertise for long term or short term with us.
There are many ways to do business with Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd with confidence to reach target audience and target market so now it’s your choice to select any one of them.

1: Spot Advertisements – (Various packages available on spot rate sheet)
2: Programme Sponsorships – (£ 100 / hour)
3: Special Day Transmission Sponsorships – (£ 200 / day – 30 second spot every hour)
4: Buying Air Time (various rates are available, depend on the campaign requirement)
5: Live Fundraising Appeals (£ 500 / 3 hours)
6: Online Advertisement via Ahlebait TV Networks Website (£ 100 / month)
7: Islamic Holidays Sponsorships (£ 250 / day - 30 second spot every hour)
8: Azan Sponsorships (£ 10 / Azan)
9: Prayer Sponsorships (£ 20 / Prayer)
10: Outdoor Event Sponsorships (£ 500 / Day outdoor filming and Editing)
11: Majlis Sponsorships (£ 150 / hour)

‘’Vat Excludes on all above mention prices. Vat will be applicable on the selected packages on UK and EU members’’.
For more information about advertisement and program sponsorship please call us our sales and marketing department on Tel: 0208 782 1082 - 5, Tel: 0208 795 3444,
email us:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  1. Broadcasting Transmission more than 250 countries all around the world including UK
  2. Advertise in your own language if it is English, Urdu, Panjabi, Arabic, Gujrati, and Hindi etc.
  3. Best Quality advertisement making
  4. Marketing Experts Advisers will assist you to promote your product to deliver high standards
  5. Graphic, Cameraman and Editing Team support to discuss production ideas
  6. Low competitive prices as compare to the market
  7. Various advertisement packages to select and Time
  8. Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd can be viewed over the internet via WEB TV on its Website anywhere in the world
  9. We Conduct Independent Surveys with the help of our marketing research team which justifies our viewership

Ahlebait TV Networks only believe in the best to provide first class service and support that why we say (Our Air is your Satisfaction and value for you or your client money).


Advertisement cost on AHLEBAIT TV Networks is determined by a range of factors.  These will include:

  1. Transmission time
  2. programs
  3. Time of year
  4. Commercial Duration
  5. Choice of Medium
  6. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Packages

We provide you with unrivalled support & guidance throughout the whole process of planning your television campaign- from recognizing the best programs and times of the day for your target audience, to writing your script and producing your commercial. This will ensure the entire procedure is as easy and straightforward as possible for you.


Bank Account Details

For UK & Europe
Ahlebait TV Networks Ltd 
Sort-Code: 40-02-26
Account No: 32547325

For Pakistan
Call us:0300 970 9612



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I’m donating money for the promotion of Ahlebait TV. I have read and understood the Donation Terms and Conditions.

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